When my friend saw my bear costume, he thought it would be amusing to see a picture of me doing my taxes (1040A if you can't read the booklet). So here it is Matt, bear doing taxes.

On New Year's Eve, my friend Diane and I decided to go out to a club as beauty and the beast. After we went to the club, we stopped at an all night diner (Ye Olde College Diner) but the line was too long, so we just stayed for a short photo session and left.

Here is the picture of us dancing on the dance floor at a local dance club. We were the hit of the evening (as far as we were concerned :-) ). BTW: it was about 75 degrees in the bar, and me dancing in the bear suit kinda made it a little warm. (Can you say soaked to the skin with sweat; and sweat running down your head into your eyes?) I had to go outside in the sub-freezing temperatures to cool off.

Diane and Matt have a pet collie named Wolfie. The first time I went to see Wolfie with the bear suit on, he peed himself on the livingroom stairs. He's still not too happy with the idea of sharing his house with a bear, but at least now he can contain himself.