New and Improved! Check out the New Pictures!

Here's a picture of me in goal for my NHL (Nittany Hockey League) team the Dragons. I play in the B league, and obviously I'm a Goalie.

Here is something you'll not likely see if you play against me in a game. On my best day, I could never pull a butterfly in the middle of a game!

You'll be much more likely to see this in a real game. I'm big, and I'm slow, and I'll patiently wait for you to make your move. If you're good you'll be faster than me, and beat me; if you're not so good, well, its anybodys guess.

Here is last year's team photo of the Dragons, in all our glory. This was the first year for the new sweaters, so we felt a team picture was in order. "Dragons" narrowly lost out to "Draggins" for the team name.

And now for Roller Hockey, I give you the 1997 Moosejaw Meatlegs:

Moosejaw is currently ranked #1 in the State College YMCA Roller Hockey League, and the current team record is 59-0-0, which is a team and a league record.

This was our first and slightly less organized attempt at a team photo. The only team member who managed to look at the camera at the correct time was Farley, the team dog.

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