More Cat Pictures

The one on the right in the above picture is responsible for this. His name is Kyle, the other cats name is Margot. They are both from the same litter, and are about 7 years old (8 in March). Kyle is a pretty big dude, he weighs about 16 pounds, Margot is around 11 pounds, so they are pretty well fed. Since they are indoor cats, they don't get much exercise (other than tearing up the house with their claws) and are pretty fat. They seldom get canned cat food, and when they do, its quite an occasion. On this particular day, you can see they had plenty of dry food in the bowl, but Kyle decided he was going to eat all of the wet food as soon as I put it down. When he was finished, he got a little indigestion apparently, and vomited all of the wet cat food into the dry food bowl. I decided to throw it all out, rather than waiting for him to eat it again (which, given enough time, he would have done).

Here are some more pictures of Kyle, taken with my photocopier. I was fixing a desktop copier on the livingroom floor, and Kyle kept coming over, and rubbing aginst it, batting the screws and tools with his paw, and generally being a pain. When I had finally fixed the copier, I needed something black and white to copy.

Well, my cat is white, and the absence of my cat is black, so naturally I grabbed the cat who wanted attention, and gave him some. I sat him down on the class and made a few copies of him. He didn't seem to mind, he sat there and purred the whole time. Think of it from the cat's perspective, he's getting attention, on something that hums, and makes his feet get warm.

Cat head picture

Other cat head picture

Cat feet picture

Other cat feet picture

To my knowledge, there are the only photocopies of a cat on the internet. So remember, you saw it here first folks!